European championship sled class Junior U17 age division was born in partnership with sponsors, who provide their high-quality sleds to young surfers. We hope that the best young surfers will be nicely represented in the European Championship. If necessary, we help the interested young surfers to create contact with sponsors. (For more info – Enda Pärisma – winter windsurfing day for beginners in Espoo, 24.02.2018.

To date, the following supporters have joined the junior support program: Feodor Gurvits (Finland), Aleksandrs Leontjevs (Latvia), Audrius and Paulius Voverys (Lithuania), Stefan Söderlund and Tobias Bodin (Sweden), Koit Teder, Kalev Allikveer and Tõnis Salong (Estonia).

Feodor Gurvits (FIN)
Aleksandr Leontjevs (LAT)
Paulius Voverys (LTU)
Stefan Söderlund (SWE)
Tobias Bodin (SWE)
Koit Teder (EST)
Kalev Allikveer (EST)
Tõnis Salong (EST)