Accommodation in and near the competition centre. Accommodation and meals are offered only on prior booking (prepayment).

Booking: Meltemi Adventures OÜ, contact person: Johan Rannas
phone: +37255 86271

1. Veldeman Holiday Center. Catering, free Wifi, possibility of washing.

  • 15 rooms in the main house, altogether 45 persons (2 rooms with 5 beds, shower / WC in rooms or in corridor)
  • Family Room with Private Entrance, 5 persons (2x double, 1x single)
  • Price: 24 EUR / person / night in all rooms (evening sauna included in price).

2. Oiu harbour. Dining, free Wifi, on-site pizzeria restaurant.

  • Holiday home; 5 rooms, up to 14 persons (3 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 2), sauna, kitchenette, living room. Price: 305 EUR
  • Family Room; up to 7 persons, WC, shower. Price: 110 EUR
  • Family Room; 2 persons, WC, shower. Price 38 EUR
  • Prices are per night. 

3. Võrtsjärv Visitor Center (23.02 booked) Catering, free Wifi, washing facilities.

  • Guest room; up to 6 beds (1 double, 4 single) Price: 100 EUR

PS! Meals are only in pre-ordering and prices are the same in all the accommodations: Breakfast 5 EUR, Lunch 4 EUR, Dinner 8 EUR.
It is possible to order accommodation with meals (morning, lunch, evening) or only accommodation without meals.
If possible, please book by room or by group, not individually.

The venue is located on the northern shore of Lake Võrtsjärv in Veldemani Holiday House. It is 30 km from Viljandi and 45 km from Tartu. Other accommodations can be found, for example, on