Tõnis Kask
Race Director & Head of the Race Office & Board Member of the Estonian Yachting Union (NRO, CJ, NRS)

Enda Pärisma
Media- and Information Manager & Member of the International Winter Windsurfing Association
+372 551 5135

Madis Ausman
Slalom Race Officer (IRO)

Andres Talts
Cource Race Officer (NRO)

Andrus Poksi
Jury Chairman & Member of the World Sailing Racing Rules Commitee (IJ, NU)

Kristi Talts
Sled/Wing/Kite Race Officer & Race Secretary & Hospitality Manager (NRO)

Piret Tank
Sled/Wing Race Secretary & Scorer (NRS)

Krista Karik
Kite Race Secretary (CRS)

Koit Teder
Ice Master

Tiit Aunaste
Video Master (A4 Media)

IRO – International Race Officer
NRO – National Race Officer
IJ – International Judge
CJ – Club Judge
NU – National Umpire
NRS – National Race Secretary
CRS – Club Race Secretary