Võrtsjärv 17.02.2019

Lake Võrtsjärv is currently almost snowless, with an ice thickness of about 37cm. When yesterday there was double ice in some patches today such places were no longer found such. The ice surface is a bit rough at the moment, so tomorrow we plan to start an STS rink debugging. Tomorrow night some rain is expected, after that it will turn cold on Thursday.
The maintenance team is monitoring the situation on the venue and is ready to do what is needed – water, flatten, plough snow, or whatever is needed to ensure you best competition conditions.

Winter Surf Europeans 2019 are supported by Estonian Yachting Union, Androna, Metallituba, Palms, Flaka, 3D Wind Service, Estonian Ministry of Culture, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Gambling Tax Council and Viljandi County.

Võrtsjärv, 18.02.2019